Flying high!

At our September meeting, we were joined by Chris Pearson, the manager of Land’s End Airport, who spoke about the facilities there, the activities that are based at the airport and the people who are employed there.

Members were surprised at the extent of airport operations, which involve not only the regular flights to the Isles of Scilly, but also operations for the Royal Navy based at Culdrose, for Trinity House and for a large number of private pilots who use the runways on a regular basis. Thiry-eight pilots are currently based at Land’s End, some of whom have also been trained there, and there is also a small team of air traffic controllers to manage the process. Flights to the islands are operated by the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, who also have routes from Newquay and Exeter, so planning involves teams at all three airports working closely together.

Chris extended an invocation to members to visit the newly refurbished cafe at Land’s End and enjoy watching flights taking off and landing from the comfort of the lounge – an invitation which some of us will undoubtedly take up.

At the same meeting, the Treasurer was able to report that our fund-raising this year, including the August Causewayhead stall and plants sales (thanks, Viv and Staf!) have raised just over £250 for Mount’s Bay W.I.


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