A pain in the neck? – a physiotherapist can help

On June 15th, those of us with aches and pains in various parts of our anatomy were delighted to welcome as our speaker, Lesley Harry, a physiotherapist with the Harbourside practice in Newlyn.

Lesley grew up in Penzance and qualified in 1989 from Kings College Hospital and started her career in Oxford working within the field of Orthopaedics. She returned to Cornwall in 1996, based initially at the RCHT,  before moving to West Cornwall in 1998 where she was lead clinician and also set up the acute service for RNAS Culdrose. Her main interests involve the sporting world and, alongside teaching a HND in sports science and injury management in 1999, she was an approved tutor for the Football Association sports injury courses.

Lesley has been the lead Therapist at Harbourside Physiotherapy since its opening in 2003. She continues to expand her extensive experience in sports injury management, along with her many manual skills in treatment modalities in the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Her extensive knowledge of individual sports covers gymnastics, (having competed at a high level as a junior), racquet sports and contact fighting sports whilst she is also well known as an accomplished therapist in the running and triathlon arena.

Although most of us are not particularly athletic ourselves these days, Lesley had us up and moving and showed us a number of simple exercises we can do at home to improve our suppleness and balance, and to counteract everyday gripes such as neck and lower back pain. Who knew exercise could be such fun?


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