Now we are Nine!

Our Annual Meeting on 16th March 2017 was the opportunity for members to elect a new Committee for the coming year and to review the events and achievements of 2016 – 17.

Our Secretary, Liz Anderson, in the Committee report gave a succinct summary of the variety of speakers, activities and excursions we have enjoyed, thanked members for their participation an interest and encouraged them to pass on the message to their friends that the W.I. is a great organisation and an excellent way of having fun in great company.

Retiring Treasurer, Stef Russell, reported that our finances are in healthy shape, but warned that we are still heavily reliant on our summer fundraising sale and cannot afford to be complacent. Our speakers this year have been more expensive than in previous years, and it becomes increasingly difficult to find good speakers who live locally enough not to cost us significantly in travel expenses.

Both the Committee and Treasurer’s Reports were approved by the members without exception.

Our President, Val Stevens, thanked the Committee for their hard work over the past year and presented Stef with flowers as a token of our gratitude for what can be a difficult – and sometimes frustrating – job.

The Committee for the coming year will be:

President: Val Stevens

Vice President: Jean Grey

Secretary: Liz Anderson

Treasurer: Jenny Fitton

Other members: Joan Hutchings, Liz Preston, Nina Sully

Following our formal business, we were able to celebrate the ninth birthday of Mount’s Bay W.I. with a drink and a slice of birthday cake!

President, Val Stevens, cuts our birthday cake at the 2017 Annual Meeting of Mount’s Bay W.I.


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