Streets of Penzance

Our Members’ Meeting in June was all about the streets…

First, we were pleased to welcome Donna Rodda (from Sheffield W.I.) who had been our representative at the National A.G.M. in Cardiff, and who was able to tell us about the debate and vote on this year’s Resolution on reviving local High Streets. Clearly many other local groups had shared our reservations concerning the specific wording of the motion and the difficulties it might cause to those members living in rural locations or with relatively slender means. Nevertheless, there was much support for the general tenor of the Resolution, that High Streets should not simply be allowed to become “ghost towns” and that a little ingenuity and cooperative working should be tried to engender new life into them – perhaps as a different kind of High Street for the modern (post-supermarket, post-internet) age…

Then our Speaker this month was Carinna Mitchell from St. Petroc’shomeless, a charity working with the homeless in Cornwall. She started her presentation with a small film about Terry, a man who had spent most of his life living out of doors. It successfully showed the problems experienced by people living on the streets as well as the difficulty of people working with the homeless trying to assimilate them back into society. Carinna also gave some interesting statistics, such as the fact that Cornwall has the largest number of homeless outside London. She outlined the kind of support the charity offered and how they helped people to get  back on their feet. Members were clearly inspired, as there were numerous questions and a lively discussion of some of the issues which Carinna raised. We made a collection at the end of the meeting and several members have agreed to provide additional help in the form of bedding, towels, socks hats and gloves.

Finally, we were reminded of our up-and-coming street sale on Saturday, August 18th in Causewayhead. We have now received the permit from Cornwall Council, so members can start thinking about their baking, craft and bric-a-brac contributions to our annual fund-raiser.


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