Baubles, bangles and beads

Our first meeting after the summer break, on September 20th, gave us all the opportunity to make our own bit of bling!

Guest speaker Yvonne Farmer began by showing us, very adeptly, how to make a pretty necklace using beads, “crimps” and the exotic sounding “tiger tail”. In a very few minutes, she had produced a beautifully made and very pretty bead choker.

And then it was our turn. Furnished with beads, crimps, pliers and loops, we all turned jeweller – with much laughter, one or two rude words and varying degrees of facility. Some of our efforts were, perhaps, more evenly spaced or neatly finished than others, but what the heck. They may not be worth a fortune, and you won’t find them at Asprey’s, but these future heirlooms certainly have individuality – as you can see from the sample pictured here! Thanks to Yvonne for an evening that was great fun.


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