Gold medal sale-ing

Forgive the pun, but very hearty congratulations to all involved with the preparation for and staffing of the Mount’s Bay W.I. stall on Saturday, August 18th. Our stand at the junction of Causewayhead and Market Jew Street was bigger than ever before, the weather was generally kind, and between 9.00 a.m. and midday we managed to raise a whopping £197.15!

As usual, the cakes and buns sold out completely, and – although there was not much interest at first (perhaps this is becoming the age of the Kindle) – books also went well. Meanwhile, our plants proved hugely popular with shoppers and very little was left over for us to take home. The best of what little was left continued to work in a good cause, as it was cheerfully collected by the Cornwall Hospices Charity Shop.

Many thanks to everyone for making our coffers look quite a bit healthier for the coming months!


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